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The Four Famous Chinese Opera Performers--Xun Huisheng

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Xun Huisheng
Xun Huisheng

Xun Huisheng, 1900-1968, male, one of the four top performers in female characters, born in Hebei Province.

His casting as innocent, cheerful girl was peerless, with the style of soft and feminine, exerts great impact upon the Dan performing, which is named the Xun' s style.

One of his characteristic is adding the cream of singing methods of Bangzi of Hebei into the casting of Peking Opera.

Xun's family is extremely deprived, and his parents took him to Tianjin to make a living where he was sold to an opera troupe with elder brother. His brother could resist the harsh life and abuse and escaped, but the little Xun stayed. Those days were extremely hard for him. Nevertheless, he kept on practicing his techniques every day. To better his performing and trained his willpower, he practiced the actions with thick overcoat in hot summer, while a thin shirt in the dead winter, with a bowl on the head and ice beneath his feet. Through the toughest training, he really made his way in opera and expertise in singing, acting, dancing.

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